About Me

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Marquis Draper attends the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Georgia. He is majoring in Sequential Art and has strong interests in all forms of visual storytelling as well as designing characters for various media. 

Marquis prides himself on his professionalism in both his personal life as well as his work. He puts all of his energy and effort into completing projects in a timely manner and executing them to the best of his ability. His journey with art has been an ever growing experience and constantly seeks out ways to improve and learn new skills. Marquis wants viewers to connect with the characters and stories that he tells and values impactful artwork and stories. 

In terms of professional work experience Marquis is the Editor in Chief for SCAD Student Media's comic and illustration blog,  the HoneyDripper, a position where he is responsible for reviewing submissions of work, managing social media accounts, and drawing more contributors and viewers to the site.  Marquis has also worked for DC Entertainment as an editorial intern and would directly assist other editors on major titles such as Suicide Squad, The Green Lantern, Doomsday Clock and Acton Comics to name a few.  

On the creative side, Marquis writes and illustrates his own comics, His creator-owned comic, Villainous, was written, colored, and illustrated by Marquis and is published on Comixology. Villainous is an expanding universe and he is collaborating with other artists on future issues and spin off titles. 

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